Well bummer! . I don't like spending money nor hoarding with hobby stuff especially as i aged i know what'reprogram1s important. Some of my hobby stuff broken recently especially some radios had to be replaced. Rather than buying and over price hobby grade equipment i took out an old cheap classic equipment i had in my old days and re-program to fit my need. I'm glad i'm still had my electronic skills and fix stuff. When i was a 7 year old kid i love to dismantel and assembled house hold appliance which get me spanked by my mom with a long hose, it was worth it. Thats whats make my hobby a success; recycle it and being resreprogram2ourcefull. Although i don't have much trendy and latest gadgets to fill my hobby at least the recycled ones gets the job done. Better put those budget on food and necessities. I'll save up my buck for something interesting later because i know i'll be splurging on new stuff someday.