Welcome to DavidXL.com, this is my personal Blog website serve as secondary website to compliment my Project site at https://www.supermotoxl.com.  Full indepth about my profile can be found on my Project website along with archive of my activities.

The Author Blog site

This website host my personal blog andabout us 3 article related close to the my daily activities which offer insight of how to be creative in life and be inspired by doing simple things as reflected to things i do at my website https://www.supermotoxl.com project site.  The design of the website is more spacious and simple build for more visual & artistic presentation.  Since this website is for blogging i will post articles such as life hacks, management, education advices, skills sharing, adventures, travels, foods, cultures and other important tips i've earn throughout my life experience and career. So rather than keep it for myself its better to share all my experience on this Blog site so everyone can learn how to be successfull and enjoy in their life.


The Project site

This is my oldest website spanned during my about us 2college days geared to showcase my handy works & community technical resources. The project website host all my creative hobby works raging from 3d designs & modelling, Radio Control models, Drones UAV & FPV projects and tech review for several hobby related products. This website exist since the days of Geocities community from 1998 to present day. The name 'SupermotoXL' was originally my classic forum avatar, a badge label to all my conceptual automotive 3d designs spawning during the days of 4x4 simulation via community forum and also very related to my mountain biking activities all in the great mid 1990's.  The name 'SupermotoXL' aka 'SupermotoXL' Designs got stuck with me and grows well till today creating many off-spring projects and medias under this label. For more information you can read about it at my website here: https://www.supermotoxl.com/about/about-this-site.html


Despite of having separate website both share the same social media channel which i post almost daily at my Youtube, Twitter and Instagram channel. So stick around daily and enjoy our reading and visual contents. Cheers.