If you're hardcore hobbyist working on materialistic hobby or digital content creation learning how to create and 3d skills 2design 3D objects is a must have skills. 3D printing technology make it even more interesting to create solid tools to solve your problem. I seen people bought 3d printer but unable to create their own creation or invention of tools. I've seen gamer unable to customized their own objects. I've seen designer unable to convey their ideas and design in solid form other than just a drawn sketch. You can't have new toys because you stuck with imagination. If you've seen my creation at my hobby website at https://www.supermotoxl.com i get to c3d skills 1reate my own world, my ideas, my invention, my design and my new unique toys both in virtual digital world and also in real solid world thanks to 3D creation skills. In the early 90's i first discover CAD program on my uncle old 386 based computer, first time i saw slow rendering of 3D object on old CRT screeen after plotting dimension on layout. It got me excited, our family on started own PC by 1995 an NEC P90 PowerMate with Powerpoint software bundled. I would create lines and shape using Powerpoint to design 2D objects and made my first car design that impresss my teacher at middle school engineering drawing class. Only in 1997 in college i was exposed to3d skills 3 lots of 3D software and got me deep into creating my own simulator models mainly 4x4 and then started to progress higher. After two decades later here i am enjoying the best out of my 3D skills. I can build what ever i want!. So if you're reading this go learn some 3D creation skills, its the future and a must have skills!